Subterrene is a game about exploring underground and collecting diamonds, while being careful about not touching the bombs. You will have a nitro boost and can collect nitro cans underground to refill it*. You can follow your red arrow to your enemy miners*, and nitro boost into them to blow them up, be careful though, if they touch you, and you are not boosting, they will smash you! The game has juicy feedback and epic screen shake, as well as controller rumble.

Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 48, As of April 2021, The full features are not implemented, skins and music are planned for the future.

*Nitro cans are only available as of version 1.1

*Enemies and the red arrow are only available as of version 1.2


Action Keyboard / Mouse Xbox Controller Other Joystick
Select Enter / Left Click A Button 0
Start / Switch Mode Y Y Button 3
Nitro Boost Left Click RT Axis 10
Move Mouse Move LS Axis X / Axis Y


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Subterrene (Day 1 Build) 21 MB
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